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    Pedal Car Race

    Did you know that the pedal car race was 'invented' in Bristol? We have the university Department of Mechanical Engineering to thank for a sport that took place in Bristol as part of Rag Week from 1960 until the last race in 1987.

    Meanwhile they have been racing in Hong Kong, France, Italy, Australia and the USA. Closer to home there are six meetings each year under the British Federation of Pedal Car Racing as well as the British Pedal Car Grand Prix which alternates annually between Ringwood and Mew Milton in Hampshire.

    Here's our 1-min promo produced by our partners Digital Medium

    At the moment we have no foreseeable date for the race and would like the engineering industry to recognise the racing pedal car as the Ideal Vehicle for encouraging innovative practical design and construction - at all age levels but particularly amongst school students, apprentices and college or university students.

    So if you hold an influential position in the engineering industry please do get in touch to discuss with us how you can support this exciting project: staging this in the public arena requires funds to cover its not inconsiderable costs, mainly dealing with
    the safety and welfare of the public and our competitors.

    Content is currently being updated, please check back regularly