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Sponsorship Opportunities

Imagine the Le Mans 24-Hour Race combined with the Monaco Grand Prix, but much quieter, no smelly exhaust fumes and far more glamorous......

A cavalcade from College Green to Harbourside then racing along Hannover Quay - Lloyds Amphitheatre - Millennium Square - Lloyds Amphitheatre - Hannover Quay.

Please contact Nigel or Christina at our partners Bud who have produced the Sponsor Pack.

Sponsorship Figures

To help ensure that race entry fee revenue is devoted as much as possible to raising a surplus for the charities, there are opportunities to sponsor the following elements of the race event. Sponsors will feature on the race website, with credits in the programme and advertising banners along the circuit:

Trophies: 24-Hour Race 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and Junior Race 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Trophies to be designed by an acclaimed Bristol-based artist and produced in Bristol Blue Glass. Sponsorship to cover artist fee and production costs. £p.o.a.

The Official Programme: Colour-printed A4 with £2.00 price tag, listing all the teams with ads from all competing corporate teams, half-page ads and  the main charities, editorial about the origins of the race and of the twin cities; pictorial coverage of cars being built, of races from the 60s to the 80s and of cars competing in other races in the UK and abroad. Sponsorship fee to cover editorial and production costs. £p.o.a.

The First Aid Post: Continuous cover is being provided by St John Ambulance, linked by walkie-talkie to race control and based in a cabin in The Pits. Banners on-site. £p.o.a

Stewarding: Marshalls will be patrolling the whole circuit at 60-metre intervals, a team of twenty-five working from the preparation of the race on the preceding night, until it is de-rigged on the evening of the finish. They will identifiable to the racing teams and to the spectators by their high-visibility tabards emblazoned with the race logo and with the sponsor's logo. £p.o.a.

Safety Barriers: the route will be protected by interlocked crowd barriers, to prevent spectators from entering the path of the pedal cars. Sponsor's banners to be sited on barriers at intervals along the whole circuit. £p.o.a

The Missing Children Post: This essential element of the stewarding service is being provided from a dedicated cabin in The Pits linked by walkie talkie to the race stewards and race control. Banners on-site. £p.o.a

The Pits: These will be in Waterfront Square. This will also be the site for cabins accommodating race control, first aid and the lost children station. The Pavilion 1st floor meeting rooms (above Spitfire) will provide rest area for sleeping team members and there will be mobile catering concessions to provide for competitors, event staff and spectators. Banners on site. £p.o.a

Event Management: The race will be professionally organised and run by the company responsible for many events in the region including the annual Balloon Fiesta. Public safety is of paramount importance, not to mention the welfare of the competitors. Twelve months of preparation ensures not only that the logistics and permissions are in place but that its success ensures a maximum gain for the charities set to benefit from the event. Banners along the circuit. £p.o.a

Total sponsorship opportunity: £p.o.a

Media Coverage

This unique race will attract significant TV, radio, press and social media coverage. Cameras around the circuit will 'stream' the race to the internet. As icing-on-the-cake, this is still to be costed and is another sponsorship opportunity.