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How to Build a Pedal Car

These images show details of a car currently raced within the British Federation Of Pedal Car Racing who also have these hints (new link!!) on how to design a pedal-car.

Your car can have a body of any shape you like. With pedal-car racing in France, they award prizes for style. Imagine a banana or an old boot on wheels!

If you are not particularly technical, building a pedal car from scratch (incorporating standard bicycle parts - as per the Federation racers) can be easier than you think.

Watch this brilliant video from the BBC Learning Zone (another new link!!)

Our suggestions:

At home the STEM Club scheme (Science Technology Engineering Maths) and Young Engineers encourage extra-curricular school and club activity which could see pedal cars produced in school workshops. To encourage this, a pre-race Junior Race will take place over a shorter duration and we are inviting corporate teams for the 24-hour race to partner, or link with, junior teams.


Some of the BFPCR teams won't neccesarily be racing in Bristol - have look on their website Forum.